Longterm Weight Management

YadumaAs Coaches we see body weight, and eating and exercise habits as signals of how balanced and aligned with your center you are, or not. If you are off balance, chances are that you lose or gain weight or start treating yourself poorly. Wether you eat standing, hectic without even tasting the food, or you pick poor food quality or food carelessly prepared. Food is an energy. So if you have weight problems, take it as a chance to start treating yourself lovingly and getting back into balance!

This is a summary of our  3-months personal Weight Coaching Program on Skype:

1. Together we determine your current state: what is your weight, wellbeing, health, blood levels/pressure, quality of life, balance. What do you do every day to maintain this state? What you you eat, HOW do you eat? What quality of food to you eat? How do you relax? How much, little or heavy do you exercise? What is your mental state? Do you do duties with ease or pressure? Etc.

2. We set a smart “goal”. Goal in parenthesis, because this is not just about reaching a number on a scale and then going right back to what you have always done, but changing lifestyle habits for good. This is the opportunity to realign what is really important for you with how you deal in everyday’s life. Especially learning to be good to yourself, care for yourself, treat yourself right, rather than struggle, fight or starve. Obviously, this change has a positive effect on the world surrounding you as well.

3. What are you willing to commit yourself to? We explore doable steps to get there in the fields of Eating, Drinking, Exercising, Relaxing, Mindset, etc.. What are you committing to do to get there? How often? How will you manage to do that in everyday’s life? Etc..

During 3 months you will check-in every other week to report and consciously notice what was going on during this process of change. Whenever a problem occurs, for example you committed to amount x alcohol and didn’t do it, because…. – this is where the big learning opportunity appears! This is where you will see clearly how some part of your mind tries to control or sabotage you. Observing that is half the way to success. Stoping the process early without ever facing what is really going on, will get you right back to the old habits and weight. Therefor the program is setup during 3 months, even though you might reach your weight goal in less time.

To maintain a healthy weight longterm is not just about eating and exercising. It is about being more aware and loving towards yourself. A 3-months-program can be a great start towards a better quality of life with a healthy weight as a side effect. You not only practice to think before you choose, but also to eat consciously, learn to really be aware when eating, tasting the flavor of the food and enjoy.

A friend says” there are no problems, there are only solutions!” In that sense any so-called (weight) problem can become a new start never known quality of life, balance and loving care.

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