Longterm Weight Management

How to lose weight and keep a healthy weight longterm

3 weeks to feel a considerable change in heart health

It takes about 3 weeks, 3 times a week Walking for unfit clients to readlize a considerable change in their heart beat. A heart muscle that is hardly used for aerobic exercise due to a sedentary lifestyle looses capacity, just like a leg in a cast looses muscle. It is amazing to see the change [...]

No time?

Take your time! The day your health forces you to stop involuntarily you find out: we have all the same amount of time. Say NO if it makes sense and take a break voluntarily! In order to be able to prioritize you need some distance from your duties. A 5-10 minute break is enough to [...]

Change NOW

What is it that you want to change? What you can change NOW is your attitude towards change: Believe that everything changes all the time! Believe that even you change somehow all the time! Believe that you can change those old patterns! Let change be a process not just a goal!

De-stress & observe your body reactions

.... an easy thing to do, but hard to remember.... next time when getting into an unpleasant situation that causes stress do this: Observe your breath, observe your shoulders, muscles all over the body, especially neck area and also the face. Release all muscles and: smile! Anything changes???