Today is the perfect day to CHANGE!

90% of people don’t want to change and yet 70% are unhappy with their situation in some way or another. You wouldn’t believe how many people are not content with their work situation, counting the years to retirement. It is sad to spend a lifetime running from one goal to another without being able to enjoy the process.Continue reading “Today is the perfect day to CHANGE!”

Medication to cure

When I first started coaching people as a Walking Coach in 2001 a Munich Physician asked me to promote the idea of changing the lifestyle to his patients, so I gave little chats in his office for the overweight and high blood pressure clients. Laws were changing in Germany and doctors were restricted in writingContinue reading “Medication to cure”

3 weeks to feel a considerable change in heart health

It takes about 3 weeks, 3 times a week Walking for unfit clients to readlize a considerable change in their heart beat. A heart muscle that is hardly used for aerobic exercise due to a sedentary lifestyle looses capacity, just like a leg in a cast looses muscle. It is amazing to see the changeContinue reading “3 weeks to feel a considerable change in heart health”


Do you have an idea of how many kids are obese at young age? Do you know how much one hour of walking, running or playing outside 3 times a week can improve their weightloss? Do you know how many people age 50plus take medication for HBP, cholesterol and diabetes? Do you know that WalkingContinue reading “Obesity”