10 Soul Vitamins for the Coming of Autumn

Do you know this feeling: ┬ádays are getting shorter and colder and motivation to get up drops a few degrees a day just by envisioning the season to come? Depression and #depression anxiety hit easier when the days get shorter. Less light, less social contacts, more cold. Those who suffer from the addiction to ponderContinue reading “10 Soul Vitamins for the Coming of Autumn”

Changing unhealthy habits into good health

Change of lifestyle habits to conquer in obesity, high blood pressure, lack of motivation or burnout syndrome.


Do you have an idea of how many kids are obese at young age? Do you know how much one hour of walking, running or playing outside 3 times a week can improve their weightloss? Do you know how many people age 50plus take medication for HBP, cholesterol and diabetes? Do you know that WalkingContinue reading “Obesity”