Changing unhealthy habits into good health

Most people know, that lifestyle habits can result in obesity, high blood pressure, lack of motivation or burnout syndrome. Changing those habits, however, can be challenging.

Let’s assume you do something over and over again, even though you know on some level what you are doing isn’t good for you: eat for gratification; drink alcohol for relaxation; drink more coffee to stay alert; or watch TV to distract yourself. When your doctor tells you to change, or when you realize that too much eating, drinking or watching TV is just not good for you, this is when you want to learn new habits. Here is how:

A habit is wiring in the brain that results in a response. I imagine habits are like a river – synapses sending signals that flow into a particular action or response. To change this automized process, we start by building a new creek. Science now shows how the human brain can change it’s own structure, affecting thinking, feeling, emotions, and acting patterns. In other words, we have the power to change ourselves, and our experiences. It takes applied knowhow, and this requires some type of belief that change is possible despite the family history, genes, “you have always done that”, and all other excuses.

Yoga and Tai Chi teaches us how to become the ruler over one’s conditioning and limited thinking. However, not everyone is open to this; some may not have the time or patience. To further our innate ability to better ourselves, I developed the Yaduma™ Walking Meditation program, using guided Walking exercise as a tool to learn how to consciously relax, energize body and mind, and install new habits. This program (Yaduma™Walking Meditation) uses a series of exercises that promote body awareness, mental alertness, and conscious relaxation. In my experience, these are the small creeks of changed behavior that will, in time, turn into floods of good health, happiness, and fortune.

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