How to feel good about yourself !

Moody and a lot of good reasons for it????  It is obvious: we can't control life around us. However, we are part of this picture. We can influence our surroundings by the way we respond to situations. The way we appear in the world is how we influence. The way we "vibrate" is what we [...]

The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck is an audio-book (available as book) by Mark Manson I recommend to my clients for the following reasons: It is really funny to listen to It inspires to question yourself It makes you think about your values It makes you stop criticising being the way you are [...]

Changing unhealthy habits into good health

Change of lifestyle habits to conquer in obesity, high blood pressure, lack of motivation or burnout syndrome.

A thought is a command

Your thought is your command! How to learn choosing what you request.

Using your POWER of Thoughts and Emotions on your Outcome

If you want to change something in your life, start from within

How to stay uplifted in difficult times?

Feeling low, depressed, helpless, sad, anxious? Maybe you have "good reason" to feel low, stressed-out, unmotivated due to some "horrible" situations out there. No job, no money, no partner, no friends, sickness, lack of love, no vision, no hope, no motivation, no vision, the upcoming and programming..... This is life. How can we stay motivated [...]