How to stay uplifted in difficult times?

Feeling low, depressed, helpless, sad, anxious?

Maybe you have “good reason” to feel low, stressed-out, unmotivated due to some “horrible” situations out there. No job, no money, no partner, no friends, sickness, lack of love, no vision, no hope, no motivation, no vision, the upcoming and programming…..

This is life. How can we stay motivated in turbulent times and not get trapped by depression etc.??

Taking emotions seriously is important. Neglecting some kind of emotional low is fooling yourself, prevents healing and might increase your alcohol consume or similar. However, emotions are just emotions. Signs with the mission to show you what feels right and what does not. Your job is to introduce some adjustment or change if it does not feel right.

We all have stories. Stories from the past. Here is one story: Some morning I wake up horrified, fearful, run to the neighbors in my pajamas, afraid without consciously knowing WHY but THAT. My father had passed away. Suicide. I was 6. He was depressed. 6 months later I was sexually abused. My mind decided to forget about it all. Age 36 I remembered it all. In the meantime I had experienced eating disorder, depression, you name it. It became very important to understand depression and to learn about life. I found out that it is important to understand, acknowledge and allow “negative” feelings and that it essential to deal with them, take control, take the decision to do whatever it takes to get uplifted again. Once on the mental downward spiral for too long, the velocity going down increases, and it takes much more energy and efforts to stop and shift. My conclusion: you might feel powerless, but you are not helpless. It is our responsibility to get the help we need. This may be initially drugs, therapies, energy work, coaching to learn how to motivate for healthy physical and mental habits.

How do you stay uplifted in difficult times?

I remember to focus on the little moments of Here and Now and the inherent natural inner joy, that exists always as soon as mental activities are quiet. My intention is to focus on this joy and to allow these positive “waves” to expand in my life. By staying positive, believing in the solution somewhere out there beyond my pondering over problems things change in ways I could not have imagined. However, if I am stuck in my thinking, unable to give myself a break of negative thoughts, unable to believe in new, not yet discovered solutions, I don’t give change a chance. Awareness, faith and knowing deep down that there is always help and new ways to solving new problems is the key that helped me through trauma, divorce, cancer, loss and to live a good life.

If you feel stuck in a situation, take your inner world serious and get support.

Wishing you an incredible year with all the changes you desire.

Manuela 🙂

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