10 Soul Vitamins for the Coming of Autumn

Do you know this feeling:  days are getting shorter and colder and motivation to get up drops a few degrees a day just by envisioning the season to come?

Depression and #depression anxiety hit easier when the days get shorter. Less light, less social contacts, more cold. Those who suffer from the addiction to ponder unceasingly might be interested in these alternatives to switch from negative to grateful:

10 Soul Vitamins for the Coming of Autumn.

Personally, I used to suffer from this issue. Family history, hormones etc. etc. – it does not matter why, what matters is how to leave it behind and enjoy life. I use and apply all the know-how I have to keep on staying positive and healthy throughout the winter. I am most motivated to make the effort needed to take good care of myself when the process is easy, fun and motivating. Here is how:

Obviously, know-how works only if applied. Get out, get regular exercise! We offer group #Walking & #Coaching classes in #Mallorca to boost #motivation. If you don’t live here, you can take a Coaching class over the phone or by Skype and learn the tools to making the best out of your walking session. You can start your own support group where ever you are. Helping others is a great way to switch from negative to positive.

Food is essential! If you still live on a lot of sugar, white flour and processed food, give it a try! It is hard to get good sleep with an acidic body. Changing diet can do wonders combined with other tools. You can learn basics that are easy and how to motivate to apply them in one hour. If needed, book a coach to track your success and help you create strategies for moments of low energy.

Awareness is key element to change from allowing your mind take over in a negative way to learning to create new “neuronal pathways”. Guided meditation or a variety of meditation and specific relaxation exercises according to your preferences can help you learn this ability. Regular short coaching session can track your improvement and introduce more advanced techniques slowly.

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