Today is the perfect day to CHANGE!

90% of people don’t want to change and yet 70% are unhappy with their situation in some way or another. You wouldn’t believe how many people are not content with their work situation, counting the years to retirement. It is sad to spend a lifetime running from one goal to another without being able to enjoy the process. As a consequence of dissatisfaction poor habits create more problems. A scream to change something. The perfect moment to get support from someone who can help you take a break and look at your situation from a distance. Where are the black spots you can’t see yourself? What are the beliefs that keep you trapped? What is the message behind poor working, eating and drinking habits or insane mobile phone use?

This is what a Walking Coach can do for you:
Pick you up at 7 or 8 in the morning 3 times a week to take you for a Power Walk while coaching you. Power Walk refers to gaining power, not exploiting the body. During this walk you will be coached to gain more clarity, vision, wellbeing and motivation. One hour, 3 times a week. Within a few months, you created a new habit: you learned how to relax, stay fit and focused. The reason why this works is the experience you gained: with moderation and consistency you will very soon feel good about yourself, you will know why and how to create positive experiences. Emphasis is on moderation and consistency! A one time gig won’t create a habit.

Today is the perfect day to start. Get in touch for a free consultation: +34 661 682 888

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