Medication to cure

When I first started coaching people as a Walking Coach in 2001 a Munich Physician asked me to promote the idea of changing the lifestyle to his patients, so I gave little chats in his office for the overweight and high blood pressure clients.

Laws were changing in Germany and doctors were restricted in writing prescriptions. He was also tired of tapping the medical condition on the long term with drugs instead of fixing it. He send me a group of 10 people with weight problems, so I explained why you must not overdo it in order to burn stored body fat. Then, he send me depressed people, so I explained how the hormones work and the light and the training of body consciousness and later the change of thoughts.

Medications are great for instant relief and dangerous situations, yet in order to cure, the patient himself needs to introduce changes in his life besides just taking the medication. This is what I would call your personal power and freedom and right. A positive mindset is the source you can feed the change with.

Physicians nowadays don´t have the time to spend with each patient in order to make a change in the patients perception. It is frustrating and sad how the system works, sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

YOU can make a major change in your wellbeing if you suffer from medical conditions such as High Blood Pressure, high Cholesterol, obesity, depression, after child-birth or mood swings during menopause, poor circulation etc. etc..

To be and stay motivated you got to make it FUN! Instead of fighting the problem you pursue the wellbeing 🙂

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  1. You may find my thoughts about depression interesting – go to Diary of a depression fighter at

    1. Great, thank you for contributing!

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