3 weeks to feel a considerable change in heart health

It takes about 3 weeks, 3 times a week Walking for unfit clients to readlize a considerable change in their heart beat. A heart muscle that is hardly used for aerobic exercise due to a sedentary lifestyle looses capacity, just like a leg in a cast looses muscle.

It is amazing to see the change happen within only 3 weeks. Where as an unfit heart beats unstable, rises quickly and needs MANY beats to supply the body with blood during exercise, a fit heart muscle needs less beats to do the same job. If you use a heart beat monitor you can almost see your heart muscle grow. Plus: you experience a clear change in wellbeing breathing fresh air and relaxing.

2 responses to “3 weeks to feel a considerable change in heart health”

  1. Hello Manuela,

    I’ll vouch for the accuracy of this post. I recently started exercising by hiking in the mountains and found my heart got steadily stronger over the weeks. I also found that heart endurance:

    1. Is more like a dimmer than a light switch; it comes on steadily.
    2. is helped by encouraging yourself
    3. is easier achieved with “smooth/steady” than “all-out” effort
    4. will talk to you if you’ll listen. If it hurts, it’s too much.


    1. Thanks Walt! Keep on Walking, it is an easy natural holistic remedy with lots of free benefits 🙂

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