The Westerner Syndrome

How to find harmony and contentment in demanding circumstances

Can’t control Coffee intake?

Too much coffee intake! Here is am experiment )

Change your thinking

If you want to change your habits you may want to change your thinking first! Think: I hate sports and it works. You keep on hating sports. Think: I love to experience something new. Go for a walk and observe what happens inside like a new perspective. Some may observe nervousness or resistance at the [...]

Feel good Now!

Vitality flowing! Walking is natural, easy and very effective. Yaduma's goal is to not only motivate to do it, but enjoy it. We believe it is important to learn how to uplift yourself and appreciate your active existence. It is important to shift from a low or mediocre mindset to a positive mindset in order [...]

Power Walking

Power Walking is the ultimate remedy to burn fat, cope with stress, clear you mind and feel good. The secret is: as soon as you enjoy what you do, you benefit from it. "Power" Walking sounds irritating: you do not need to use a lot of Power, in fact, many people need to slow down [...]