The Westerner Syndrome

How to find harmony and contentment in demanding circumstances

Can’t control Coffee intake?

Too much coffee intake! Here is am experiment )

Change your thinking

If you want to change your habits you may want to change your thinking first! Think: I hate sports and it works. You keep on hating sports. Think: I love to experience something new. Go for a walk and observe what happens inside like a new perspective. Some may observe nervousness or resistance at the [...]

Feel good Now!

Vitality flowing through body, heart and mind! Walking is a natural, easy and very effective way to keep body and mind fit, relaxed and aligned. Imagine not only motivate for healthy habits, but enjoy practising them! Sounds like a shift from success machine to sentient being. Uplift yourself and appreciate your active existence. It is [...]

Power Walking

Power Walking is the ultimate remedy to burn fat, cope with stress, clear you mind and feel good. The secret is: as soon as you enjoy what you do, you benefit from it. "Power" Walking sounds irritating: you do not need to use a lot of Power, in fact, many people need to slow down [...]