Good moments make a good life

How to live a good life

What keeps you from doing what is good for YOU?

Did you ever wonder why sometimes it seems so difficult to change nonconstructive habits into healthy habits? What makes you drink too much coffee or alcohol, eat more than your body can use, sit more after sitting all day? Why do want healthy habits first of all? To enjoy? To look good? To be more [...]

How to trust in the Good?

Faith is trusting in the good. Fear is putting your trust in the bad. Rhonda Byrne We sure prefer to trust in the good rather in the bad. However, if you have experienced a lot of bad in the past you easily expect more bad things to happen. When you are stuck in problems you [...]

From Dreaming to Action

Dreaming and visualizing is essential to create the picture of where or who you want to be. Focus on the physical body you want to have rather on the problem zone - where ever this is. Anticipate the feel when you exercise and the wellbeing after exercise rather than on reasons why you might not [...]

Discover the gift…follow your heart

In 10 years of walking and talking with thousands of people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, ethics as a Physical Fitness Specialist I came to the conclusion.... ... learn to realize what is good for you!   Find out where your heart beats higher!   What makes you feel good??? ... without hampering your good [...]

Feel good Now!

Vitality flowing! Walking is natural, easy and very effective. Yaduma's goal is to not only motivate to do it, but enjoy it. We believe it is important to learn how to uplift yourself and appreciate your active existence. It is important to shift from a low or mediocre mindset to a positive mindset in order [...]