The Chance within the Chaos

A state of crisis has one big benefit: it becomes so uncomfortable that you can no longer just keep going in the hamster wheel. When the pressure, the pain, the sickness or the lack of warmth, love and inner peace becomes unbearable, this the moment, when you realize: I am stuck in what I thought [...]

How to change Frequency and stay tuned in

Clinging to thinking, knowing it all and trying to change? Trying is not good. Discipline and applying tools is necessary to conquer old habits.


In Hinduism and Buddhism Karma is known as  "the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences." Informally it means destiny or fate, following as effect from cause. What does this mean for you? Does it mean, whatever occurred during earlier periods will [...]

I love Change!

The only constant in life is change. How to shift from being the victim of a situation to creating a new possibility

Do you believe in STRESS?

If you believe that stress is bad for you, you better change your mind! Check out this TED talk on Stress Fun, easy and effective coaching methods:

You can be anything

No, it is not just the power of positive thinking. It is the action that goes with it.

I love my Snacking

Healthy habits made EASY. Makes sense?

Replace limiting habits with joyful experiences

What gives you Joy? Getting rid of old limiting habits and dis-ease gives space for new experiences. Replace old for new!

Good moments make a good life

How to live a good life

What keeps you from doing what is good for YOU?

Did you ever wonder why sometimes it seems so difficult to change nonconstructive habits into healthy habits? What makes you drink too much coffee or alcohol, eat more than your body can use, sit more after sitting all day? Why do want healthy habits first of all? To enjoy? To look good? To be more [...]

How to trust in the Good?

Faith is trusting in the good. Fear is putting your trust in the bad. Rhonda Byrne We sure prefer to trust in the good rather in the bad. However, if you have experienced a lot of bad in the past you easily expect more bad things to happen. When you are stuck in problems you [...]