How to change Frequency and stay tuned in

We know it all: the way you thing is the way you perceive reality. An invisible imprint or a frequency in your mind creates a projection in the three-dimensional world. The challenge is: “Don’t think pink elephant!” In other words: we can’t not think something. Once a certain thought crossed the mind, you are like cursed and cannot undo the process. This phenomenon is particularly annoying when it comes to negative thoughts about yourself or others. The thought created a frequency and this frequency is now present in the system. Even worse: you realize that phenomenon, notice the negative thought and induce more negative energy into the process by feeling bad about yourself or putting yourself down – in a more or less obvious way/self-talk.

That’s enough! STOP IT! Let the shit move on and focus on the new direction. Over and over and over again.

Ever experimented with Mantras? Check this out: when doing a boring, annoying or otherwise unpleasant job, something you judges as dislikable, play with a Mantra saying: “I am cleaning my heart and I am cleaning my mind”. Imagine you clean your flat (week by week by week by week) and at the same time you are using these moments to clear out old thoughts and emotions from the past… This works like a conscious choice to let go of the shit, willing to keep cleaning whenever new dirt comes in.

Please do not hesitate to experiment, comment, share your experiences, LIKE and SHARE!

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