What keeps you from doing what is good for YOU?

Did you ever wonder why sometimes it seems so difficult to change nonconstructive habits into healthy habits?

What makes you drink too much coffee or alcohol, eat more than your body can use, sit more after sitting all day?

Why do want healthy habits first of all? To enjoy? To look good? To be more attractive to others? To prevent or ease suffering from disease? To prevent death? To enjoy? To be and share your best?

I specialized in inspiring people to change for healthy habits, because I know that everybody has the capacity to take good care of themselves and enjoy life even more. A healthy body supports a healthy mind and a healthy mind supports a healthy body. If you feel great, it shows in your posture and charisma. If you feel bad about yourself it show as well.

Become conscious about your  thoughts feelings about yourself and lift your beliefs about yourself. Become conscious about your body posture and lift your posture. Share you gift.

When connected with your true essence, beyond the personality you temporarily believe you are, life is easy and plain joy – and if life seems crazy, you know that this is just another lesson to learn, take it easy and trust.

What keeps YOU from doing what is good for you?

If you need a spark to get you going and reconnect with your inbuilt energy get support from positive people who care! Personal friends, family, community or Coaches like me can support your change.



Manuela is a magnificent coach with a totally original approach as well as being an all-round sound person and credit to humanity. Stephen Russel, THE BAREFOOT DOCTOR, London

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