Replace limiting habits with joyful experiences

During a first self-hypnosis training session a client suffering from MS and Fibromyalgia since childhood enables herself to experience pain-free time. After a few more sessions an unconscious reality shows up: The dis-ease played a role in her life, in fact, it had a “good” reason to be at the time. Today, the longterm experience of the disease killed the belief that she could be without it. The disease played the biggest role in her life, at least the client and her environment payed lots more attention to the disease, than on what she wanted out of life.

Some people survive deadly cancers, others don’t.
Placebos are efficient ┬ábandaids for depression and many other diseases without having a chemical effect in the body – they work. Obviously, the expectation of a healing moment in the near future creates the possibility in the mind, a picture of a healthy person. Placebos are used to cure people. What heals them is themselves though.

If you want to change, get healthy, overcome a disease, bad habit etc. , you may ask yourself:
What role played that dis-ease in my life? In what life situation did it start?
Did I get a benefit from it at some point?
Do I still get that benefit today?
What would be the replacement for that benefit?
How would I spend the extra attention, time and energy, if I no longer had to deal with the dis-ease?
What will I introduce into my life, if I enable myself to let go of the disease/habit?

It comes down to true wishes and dreams. A goal “to get rid of the problem” is not helpful – it is still focused on the problem. Imagine, what you want to introduce into your life? A childhood dream? A new hobby to check out? Go for what you want instead of sticking to what you don’t want.

Wishing you happy eventful days ­čÖé


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