Good moments make a good life

Creating lots of good moments is what makes a good life

Whatever one wants to achieve in life, at the end lots of good moments is what makes a good life. When you are in a good mood, happy, healthy, positive, you contribute to others well-being just by being around – you spread good , energy flows, you get good vibrations back – smiles, “good luck”, lots of incidents, people and things to appreciate and be happy about.

If you are in a bad shape physically, emotionally or mentally you spread out bad vibrations and get more bad vibrations in return – stuck.

It is our responsibility, choice and duty to do our very best to get what we need and want – to live at our best in this quickly changing world.

My approach to a good lifestyle is simple: Learn how to change your current “set-up” – whatever it’s state is right now, for whatever reason – in a way that it is beneficial for you. “Change the chip”, reset the hard-drive, install new ideas and make this experience an enjoyable one. Since life is a constant change you want to be creative and proactive in your approach to Becoming and make the ride a good one.

Walking in nature is one easy and effective tool to “change your mind” and introduce healthy habits. However, if you have been in a negative environment for a long time, it is quite possible that you created negative thinking patterns that continue working during your walk. Then, you need some new input, fun, constructive uplifting ideas – support.

Go with positive people or get support from a professional to learn how to create many good moments to enjoy you life again.

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Life is too valuable to have a bad time and your gift wants to be unwrapped, too!

2 responses to “Good moments make a good life”

  1. I love this subject matter, and the subject of your whole blog. Thanks for the positive thoughts.


    1. happy you enjoy my input! Maybe you also LIKE the FB site TheWalkingGuru !!

      You might enjoy my posts (yaduma)! Simple stuff to stay uplifted and shift to a better feeling, thinking, acting 🙂!/Yaduma

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