The Chance within the Chaos

A state of crisis has one big benefit: it becomes so uncomfortable that you can no longer just keep going in the hamster wheel. When the pressure, the pain, the sickness or the lack of warmth, love and inner peace becomes unbearable, this the moment, when you realize: I am stuck in what I thought was a comfort zone. Nature works that way: when things don’t work well the way they do, they are automatically being changed, adapted, updated. The other day I read: Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” means “Survival of the Kindest”. Who doesn’t adapt, won’t “survive” well.

Kindness as a major quality to survive boils down burnout and other psychosomatic dis-eases to the core: Following the brain, setting and reaching external goals, doing, doing, doing – almost without being while doing – gets you all over the place but does not connect you with yourself.

What does that mean anyway? You follow some programs and define success as how well you reached the goals, set by the programs that you run under, without ever choosing, what you really believe in, what is truly important for you and what actually feels right. You end up reaching all those “milestones” defined in job labels or zeros behind a number and feel empty. You can’t be quiet, at ease and at peace with yourself without doing, thinking, distracting your attention. Is that what you call successful?

“Yes But” is the common answer of the controlling mind, that wants to keep you safe. I can’t just quit my job. I have to pay the mortgage. Bla bla bla. It’s about an inner change first and foremost. Then, the external circumstances can be adopted to the requirements.

Sometimes it takes a advanced life-threatening disease, when a miracle happens: you wake up from your hypnosis and realize: what you thought was important is not that important after all. This is the beginning of a life!

Changing job, partner, location becomes useless. The change you crave is inside. An you know it. Chasing worldly goals becomes meaningless, unless you made it: start feeling your own heart again. Care for your being, not just your productivity. In other words: become compassionate with yourself, find your center and create your life from your center instead of following external “success idols”, books, teachers, strategies.  Realize your self. You realize, that you have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts. Who the heck are you?

Once you dare to face reality, become present here and now, stop projecting yesterday’s stories into tomorrow, a miracle happens.

It takes a clear decision, courage, an open heart and willpower to change from the hamster wheel to living life more fully. Direction: Be in your center & connected with your source and all there is.

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