The Chance within the Chaos

A state of crisis has one big benefit: it becomes so uncomfortable that you can no longer just keep going in the hamster wheel. When the pressure, the pain, the sickness or the lack of warmth, love and inner peace becomes unbearable, this the moment, when you realize: I am stuck in what I thoughtContinue reading “The Chance within the Chaos”

The Secret to Planting Seeds in Business

This is a homegarden system, a friend gave us as a gift: plastic bottles stuck on top of each other, holes in the lids to allow water to run through from the top bottle to the bottom bottle, filled with dirt. You plant some seeds in each bottle, water the top bottle once a weekContinue reading “The Secret to Planting Seeds in Business”

Feel and Show Emotions – Walk in Nature to Reconnect

From being able to really enjoy your success to expressing what you feel in a way others can take it: Emotions are guidelines for your choices and the part that connects with yourself and others…