The Secret to Planting Seeds in Business

This is a homegarden system, a friend gave us as a gift: plastic bottles stuck on top of each other, holes in the lids to allow water to run through from the top bottle to the bottom bottle, filled with dirt. You plant some seeds in each bottle, water the top bottle once a week and let the water run down to the bottom, watch it grow, harvest and eat.

No need to controll the process in any way. Excess water automatically runs through and out of the system. 

How does this translate into business? If we realize needs, desires and higher goals, there is no need to manipulate parts of the system forcefully to make it produce more. We just need to step out of the way and allow the process to take place. Every seed / human comes with an inherently natural and healthy potential that searches the best way to fullfill needs. 

So why do we have problems and conflicts at all? Because humans have lost their aibility to listen to a great extent. We keep ourselves busy with instant messaging systems, online media and all kinds of external information to never hold on, listen inside, feel, hear. Nor ourselves, nor others. The “bottles” don’t connect. We are not aware that one gets too much water, the other none and that, if we were able to communicate better, we could trust the process of nature inherently looking for the best solution for the system.

In our Coaching process we like to “work” with games. By playing, interacting, faking situations, emotions, strategies, we create experience in a safe environment. We learn how it feels, what works, what doesn’t and why. The result: we learn that a together approach can’t fail. One might seem to be the loser and one the winner during such a “game” (e.g. a sales pitch or a negotiation of some sort). But in reality, we all win from that learning experience, the winner, the partner in the game, the observers watching the spectacle. Once we get that, there is no need to protect yesterday’s ideas, or fight to get the point, because the real point is made by jointly growing.

The secret of “successfully planting seeds” in business, or accessing dormant potentials, or allowing new ideas is communication. 

We show you step by step how to cultivate a healthy, growing system of communication – starting within each individual, connecting throughout the company/ family/ environment and marketplace. And the best part: improving communication capacities not only leads to more effective performance, it actually feels great, to really listen and hear and to share and be heard.

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