How Improv Can Make You Into a Better Leader

The theatrical form where dialogue and action are made up on the spot has become really trendy for those who work in offices and board rooms rather than on stage. I started Improv in 2014 in Mallorca out of curiosity. My goal: transform fear of the unknown into creativity and deal with whatever comes up withContinue reading “How Improv Can Make You Into a Better Leader”

Mindset in Business

You can learn to focus in an easy way and then benefit at work from your capacity!

Culture Differences

What you see is not what I see. What thoughts an emotions rise in your body and mind in the same situation and those of another person can be two completely different worlds. Two different movies. Two different interpretations of reality. We run different habitual programs in our minds. We are educated and conditioned according toContinue reading “Culture Differences”

CHANGES: applying Martial Arts principles in Business Coaching

So many of us talk about making changes in our lives, but few of us actually make those changes on a more permanent level. Realization of the problem, or the gap between what IS and what is really right for you, is step one. What is your motivation? What do you really need? Clarity is step 2. Walking theContinue reading “CHANGES: applying Martial Arts principles in Business Coaching”