Mindset in Business

What does it take for a business to keep growing and stay healthy?

Before you keep reading, please take a moment and ask yourself!!!
What does it take for a business to stay healthy?

Here are a few points, that do NOT work:
– focus on efficiency without envisioning bigger goals, just faster, cheaper, more.
– focus on numbers only without respecting human resources, nature, sustainability.
– promising and failing to keep your word.
– dangling carrots in front of people’s noses without knowing people’s needs and talents.
– leading by intimidation
– misleading by withholding part of the information or lying
– unclear communication, partly based on assumptions or prejudices
– lack of personal mastery, emotional decision making, ego-tripping
– lack of clarity about your impact on others and seeing what there really is
– text book theory without practical application
– habitual practical application without seeing the change in the big picture
– arguing to be right instead of focusing to solve a situation /thinking about better arguments instead of listening to others
– thinking you are or know better than others, comparing
– not knowing and not daring to say that you have no answer
– trying to look good instead of being yourself /fear of losing face and reputation
– act out of emotional imbalance instead of learning how to relax and gain clarity first
– manipulating others or the situation / need to dominate and control
– ignoring changing needs of individuals and markets
– ignoring values, ethics, systems
etc. etc.

So what’s the solution?

>  >  Chance mindsets consciously  <  <  <  !

Change gaining advantage over others for adding your individual value to the team.
It is not about looking better, it is about doing better together.

How do you change mindsets?

Questioning. Learning to listen to others empathetically. Finding out who you are dealing with, your colleagues, clients, providers, what motivates them, what do they need, do you underestimate or overestimate them? How can you not estimate, but find out?

In Japan they call it Haragei: The Japanese Business has been using the ability to tune into their clients and employees to find out what a person is really feeling, what they are really about. What is their real needs? What do they really want. It gave them a unique business advantage.

The first step to changing mindset is centering. Switch focus from thinking only, to widening your perception to observing, listening, feeling. Tune in!

In our culture we haven’t really learned to center and tune it, but trust only in thinking logically, based on the hierarchical and authoritarian system of our society. We use the process of elimination and hope what is left is the answer. Now, it is time to change that mindset. It is not enough to repeat handed-down, old patterns. It is time to stop pre-thinking and expecting what will happen (based on past experiences and information), but tune in and be present in the very situation that you find yourself in.

Imaging, your next meeting may turn out totally different than expected…

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