Culture Differences

What you see is not what I see. What thoughts an emotions rise in your body and mind in the same situation and those of another person can be two completely different worlds. Two different movies. Two different interpretations of reality. We run different habitual programs in our minds. We are educated and conditioned according to different values and priorities. Or maybe without any clear values and priorities. This fact can be a challenge or a chance, both in business or private relationships.

The challenge: We can be more or less annoyed or shocked when the other person doesn’t fit to our expectations. We can enter a power struggle to “be right” or simply want to be heard and understood.

The chance: We can use that situation to examine our own programs. When something just doesn’t go with me, what is really going on here? How in the world can the other person act like this, totally out of my box-thinking… A great moment to eliminate thoughts, beliefs and habits you never really chose in the first place. And to find out more about other people’s box-thinking.

Cultural differences can become a real problem and at the same time an opportunity to widen our perspective, gain a bigger understanding and create new far more interesting solutions. A chance to change, stay in our power, be the person we choose to be, instead of losing our cool, enter the ego struggle.

How that may look: you see your new colleague’s behaviour as challenging, for whatever reason. The way he or she dresses, looks at you, his social habits, anything. The fact that he doesn’t act the way you expect. You assume he is doing this purposely. Your movie is already created before ever getting to know that guy. But now you know how to push your own STOP-button, take a break, breathe and look inside yourself first….. And then, some day notice how your positive vibe impacts the people around you…

Happy weekend everybody. Let your sun shine 🙂

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