CHANGES: applying Martial Arts principles in Business Coaching

So many of us talk about making changes in our lives, but few of us actually make those changes on a more permanent level. Realization of the problem, or the gap between what IS and what is really right for you, is step one. What is your motivation? What do you really need? Clarity is step 2. Walking the path is step 3. Obviously, step 3 is a livelong process.

Walking the path of life presents many challenges! Herein lies our problem of why we make it so difficult to change. The word challenge can create the sensation of duality, competition, something to compete with, opposite of harmony, something to overcome. Until we realize this fact, we are always fighting against ourselves and the rest of the world.

Especially in Business Coaching we use the principles of Aikido, a martial art, that teaches us to be in harmony with ourself and others. It goes well beyond the realm of mere self defense and allows us to see and feel deeper into our true human nature.

To make real changes in our lives, radiate true positiveness and help people heal themselves of negativeness we must apply those principles in every moment and every aspect of our lives. Not only during a workshop, Yoga or Aikido class, but all the time.

All it takes, is for you to start your own change and check in regularly to make sure you are still on your track. This can done by meditation, mentoring or coaching. When you feel out of sync it is time to check back. And then, when you feel in the flow again – enjoy!
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