Feel and Show Emotions – Walk in Nature to Reconnect

Shut down emotionally? Or a victim of habitual emotional reactions like anger or fear attacks? No worries, that’s not really You! Quite possible that this is just a trait your ego has developed during your childhood to protect yourself. Say, you have been told off by your parents for doing something they don’t liked. Depending on how strong the response or punishment was, you received as a response – from “put yourself together” to withholding love by no longer giving you what you want or need such as looking at you with a negative expression in their face – your response might have been to develop a mechanism so you don’t feel the pain: suppress emotions like anger, fear or rage. The side effect can be that you shut down all emotions, fake, or you can’t really enjoy anything, either. Alcohol or drugs easily “help” to ease the pain of suppressing.

Now, as an adult having unconsciously learned to shut down emotions, you are running into problems. It is difficult to maintain close relationships in private or work life where you cooperate and share yourself with others, regularly. If you don’t show your true Self, the others can’t relate to you. They only receive the program you are running, no real connection and understanding. Or if you have anger attacks, the others can’t relate to you either, knowing, pretty fast, he/she will burst out brusquely. No way to communicate. This leads to isolation.

Walking in Nature with a little guidance can get you back in touch with your true emotions: admitting to yourself what is really going on, not only in your mind but also in your heart. Daring to feel. Begin to accept the truth within yourself. Shift from the head to the heart. Then, choose to respond to that situation versus being a victim of an old program running, such as shutting down or anger attacks.

In a month of regular training, you will have developed the awareness to be in contact with your true feelings. It is essential to continue regularly. It takes from 66 to 250 days to make a change become a part of you (see last blogpost). In that phase it is critical to get support and stay in contact with your coach or support group regularly. 15 Minutes every 2 weeks on Skype can be enough.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s all in your hands!! This not only frees you from the old habit, it also opens you up to really dare to enjoy your success!!!

Any questions? Send us an email to a free consultation. Happy to help 🙂

Much love,


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