Power Walking

Power Walking is the ultimate remedy to burn fat, cope with stress, clear you mind and feel good. The secret is: as soon as you enjoy what you do, you benefit from it. “Power” Walking sounds irritating: you do not need to use a lot of Power, in fact, many people need to slow down to burn more fat, you actually gain Power. That is the whole idea.

Why do you feel better?  Walking changes the hormones, you produce more endorphins, the level of stress hormones decreases. You lift your overall wellbeing by using your body, state of muscles, circulation, digestion is improved, like a car that gets finally out of the garage for a ride.

Moderation and consistency is the key. 3-5 times a week is perfect. Watch your mind! What you think is what you get. Fun is important. Flow instead of struggle.

A Specialist can coach you how to use this time for yourself most beneficially. Learn how Power Walking can change your quality of life and how you free yourself from old invaluable habits.

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