Tony Robbins on Weight Loss

A great little Tony Robbins video explains what it takes to make successful changes.
As an example How to loose weight permanently.  Here is a summary:

Permanent Change requires

1. Focus : what do you focus on day to day? Something compelling, specific, within your control or on unreliable things that are outside of your control?

2. Tools and strategies that work your you – find out what they are

3. Basic human Needs being met  – such as need for Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love&Connection, Growth, Contribution.

The KEY is to look and feel deeper and find out HOW you fulfill those needs – e.g. You can meet your need for significance by being courageous and creating the life you desire or you can feel significant by “spotyfying” problems that are out of you control anyway. You can meet your need for variety with food, texting, switching TV channels or facing moments of boredom that hold the possibility of new ideas. What emotions do you engage in and what are your actions? E.g. negative emotions of fear, hopelessness, anger, nervousness, depressed mood may result in actions  that distract from what is really important to you such as gossip, TV, multi-tasking….

This realization is the foundation to use the tools and strategies for change that work for you, meet your needs in a positive way and create the positive change you desire.

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Click here for the video: Weight Loss with Tony Robbins

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