Expect the Best!

When we choose to focus on a positive outcome of a problem our immune system, physical and mental health stays stronger than when in worry and doubt. It is not easy to stay positive when things get tight.

All the little messages we send to our subconscious with our thoughts and feelings have a direct influence on us, no matter whether they make sense or not. To change a situation positively awareness of our thoughts and feelings is necessary. Plus, a total commitment to do anything, to change from negative thinking to allowing good vibrations to come it:

Humor is a great tool – worst case – laugh! Hang out with some kids! Take the (neighbor’s) dog for a walk. Spend time in nature! Paint! Listen to some good music! Meditate! And stay away from people who tell you how bad they think your situation is – what you need is solution thinking, not problem thinking! And Gratitude Attitude – awareness of your gifts, choices and possibilities…

Happy to hear your suggestions!

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