Walking to change your life

Imagine every problem that shows up would be a hidden chance to improve your (quality of) life in some way or another. Imagine you had a Guru inside of you that you could connect with while walking in nature. Imagine you could communicate directly with that source of yourself merely by having the intention. All [...]

Choose what you change to. Change is irresistible even in older age

Scientists prove: change is possible any age as a consequence of experiences you expose yourself to

Maintain muscle and Stretch especially after 40!!!

Simple keys for a healthy body after 40

Expect the Best!

When we choose to focus on a positive outcome of a problem our immune system, physical and mental health stays stronger than when in worry and doubt. It is not easy to stay positive when things get tight. All the little messages we send to our subconscious with our thoughts and feelings have a direct [...]

Motivation from inside – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Jean Houston

Are you smiling on a regular basis, content and motivated for life? If you are going through tough times and are about to loose vision this great spirit Jean Houston can make you wake up and remember that there is still much more to discover and evolve from within you! Scroll down to find a [...]

Having great days! (via Manuela Stoerzer Vogt)

Yes! This is what change your life means on a daily basis. Make a difference in the little moments at the store, during work, in the way you usually deal with people or situations.... step by step, making a difference The little moments offer great opportunities to bring zest into your life and make the [...]

Commitment and health

Commitment is 3/4 of the way to success whether you want to get in shape, shape up your business or change your whole life. Commitment means, to stick to your idea, focus, concentrate, make a plan and follow it, no matter what. Commitment requires to train your concentration and focus. Commitment can be very easy [...]

New habits

How do we introduce new habits? How about some fun and taking it easy!?! 1. Realize what you want to change - 2. Find out WHY you want to change this - 3. Feel like you would feel, if you had already succeeded in this new habit, imagine the feeling - now 4. Observe: still [...]