Commitment and health

Commitment is 3/4 of the way to success whether you want to get in shape, shape up your business or change your whole life.

Commitment means, to stick to your idea, focus, concentrate, make a plan and follow it, no matter what. Commitment requires to train your concentration and focus. Commitment can be very easy if you take yourself first. Then, you are driven by an inner voice rather than just struggling with your mental ideas of what you should do. A day with a total lack of energy is a sign. Maybe you need a break. Or are you fooling yourself and follow the wrong path? Maybe you get a cold. Maybe a depressive mode kills your energy. Signs are there to show you the way. Commitment is great as long as you still read the signs on your path. And if you don´t come up with your daily goals one day, don´t feel bad but refuel your system and get back on track the next day with full power.

People who are more committed to their mental ideas than to their inner voice are at higher risk for health problems.


Call 310 600 5144 for private Coaching sessions and further information on how to learn to listen to this inner voice.

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