Walking to change your life

Imagine every problem that shows up would be a hidden chance to improve your (quality of) life in some way or another. Imagine you had a Guru inside of you that you could connect with while walking in nature. Imagine you could communicate directly with that source of yourself merely by having the intention. All of a sudden the chatter of the lower mind was gone and you were instantly in that place of peace, loving care and harmony that you had deeply craved for. All the distraction, confusion, fear, worries, endless desires/ state of lack was gone… 

Probably, you already know deep down, that You can choose a path of harmony, too. There is no mystery in this. All it takes is willpower, moderation and consistency. And the right reasons. If you have trouble with either one, have a coach get you started on tour track. Excuses begone!

Easy, fun, effective and meaningful.

Here is how I found out…


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