Motivation from inside – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose by Jean Houston

Are you smiling on a regular basis, content and motivated for life?

If you are going through tough times and are about to loose vision this great spirit Jean Houston can make you wake up and remember that there is still much more to discover and evolve from within you! Scroll down to find a free download!

I love her work even though I will  not take the 7-week-course she offers, I think she has the gift to open you up to your inner world to manifest what is really important to you.

It's all about balance
fresh fit fun

“How do I listen to my heart? How do I listen inside? Meditation? I cannot sit still easily and I cannot shut up my mind intentionally…. ” Huge resistance coming from within- resistance to give up control and access the space beyond the thinking mind – who knows what is there?

Jean has a cute way of telling stories that make you realize: next steps and solutions are not necessarily coming from thinking in your conscious mind, the extra power comes, when we connect to what is beyond thinking – in total relaxation. It is about finding out your individual way to access the creative, spiritual, universal mind or intelligence. This sounded spooky to me, yet, I had many experiences that showed me, that as soon as I surrender struggling, fighting, working hard with little energy, new doors open miraculously. And: never give up! Whether you want to loose weight, retrieve joy, go for a huge life project or rewrite your entire life script it is super important to feed yourself positive information, cultivate constructive relationships, ask for help, connect with others.

I introduced specific Walking + Coaching sessions in Europe with the intention to access your inner world, your individual potential – this space that is so much bigger than the thinking mind where countless new ideas and solutions are waiting to be discovered. The key: totally relax, experience joy, change your emotional frequency and be at peace.  If you cannot walk, you can learn self-hypnosis, visualization and meditation techniques – there are countless creative and fun ways to connect to the big intelligence and allow new ideas, people, helpers, supporters, net-workers, the universe to participate in your change, creation, production – whatever.

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Enjoy the stories of Jean Houston!

“The 3 Keys To Discovering & Living Your True Purpose” Audio Download

* Activate your unique gifts and capacities to live life at a higher plane of effectiveness, compassion, and joy.
* Infuse every moment with purpose and potential–no matter how “ordinary” the moment may seem to be.* How to access “inner experts”, willing helpers or personae that will help you navigate the complexity of life with confidence.

* How to consistently develop in the most important areas of your life, motivated not by guilt or obligation, but by gratitude and an abiding zest for life.

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