Why Focus on the Path

El camino se hace andando – the path is made by walking
Der Weg ist das Ziel – The goal is to walk the pathP1010165
The journey is the reward – getting there is half the fun, the full fun is the act of walking the path.

This proverb is also applicable when it comes to Weight-loss, Exercise and Stress-Management. In Coaching we support clients towards positive change, transform habitual reactions into conscious choices and responsible actions.

Let’s take weight-loss for instance: instead of just focusing on weighing 20 Pounds less by date x, it makes sense to focus on the path and become aware and appreciate what is going on here and now, during the path. Why? By date x you may have lost 20 Pounds and fall right back into former unconscious behavior and habits.

At the end of the day, the day is over. Ultimately we all leave the body sooner or later and if the goal is, to live a good life, you might as well enjoy the path, rather than just focus on the outcome.

If you have question on Personal Coaching by Skype please shoot us an email to yaduma@me.com or call +34 661 682 888!

Enjoy the Path!



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