The only time to live

No more excuses! You know you can be stronger than your weaker self! Here and now is not only the only time to live, but also the only time to focus on what you really want. Time for change. Stop  expecting different results while keeping doing the things you, you always did the things.

Time for Change?!?  Feeling stuck? Like you are not getting anywhere? Lack of Motivation? Moody in winter? This “problem” can be your invitation to finally address an issue, you didn’t really want to address before.

Welcome to “reality”!  Even on the beautiful island of Mallorca, winter hits many people with low expectations. Winter closes us inside our homes and inside of our minds, less distraction bringing some negativity to the surface. Pretty much every year winter comes, and boom: the weather starts hitting us again with the rain, the cold, the wind. Like the weather, we see everything colourless and bleak. Instead of acting upon the situation, we become immobile, stuck in thinking circles. Our mind seems overloaded, programmed to focus on problems. The idea behind thinking is to prevent potential damage. But what happens is, we become disconnected from feelings and from living here and now. We live in the mind. Soon uncomfortable emotions are triggered, like regurgitating old thoughts, feelings and experiences and the mind quickly finds good reasons, to justify those emotions, even without a present incident: It is our thoughts, the mind-set, judgement and expectation. Our lower self is creative, when it comes to staying in the “comfort zone”. Just to stay in control it keeps us immobile. The comfort has become very uncomfortable. Ego creates excuses. Feeling and intuition are shut off. We no longer use our mind, our mind uses us.

There is only one way out of the suffering: Change! This is the time for real innovation, time to question and find, what is really good for us. No time to distract. Time to reflect. Time to act. We can’t deny any longer that our ego keeps sabotaging the flow of life by trying to stay in control.

This is an excellent moment to get together with others, support each other with compassion, understanding, sharing and inspiration. Innovate ourselves to be the person we want to be. Live a good life, act upon what is really important for you and even better, do it together. Create your little support network, share and cooperate!

If you need support in getting the crux how to create the process of change, we offer during a limited time Personal Coaching via Skype at very reduced rates.

Here are 5 ideas what you start doing right now:

  •  Commit to 10-20 minutes a day special me-time, no distraction, just listening and feeling inside, accepting what is. Preferably in nature.
  • Start a Walking Group: it takes one more person to get started and stick to it!
  • Start a support circle, meet once a week, share ideas, feelings, problems, inspirations
  • Write a personal journal: note everything that comes up, focus also on feelings, such as fear, anger, sadness, doubts, joy and heart desires
  • Reduce just one unhealthy habit to 50%, anything you know that is not good for you and you do too much of it, e.g. internet, coffee, sweets, drugs, working too long without a break

The lucky ones who live in or come to Mallorca can choose from a variety of events to initiate the process of reconnecting body, mind and soul:

  • Walking, Guided Walking Meditation and the Art of constructive Questioning
    Creative gatherings in nature to have fun, learn and practice healthy tools to do it yourself!
    Sunday 10-12h, € 15 contribution
  • Chi Kung Energy Work, deep Relaxation and Meditation
    Regular practice to remember to relax, feel inside, access your energy
    Tuesday 19-20h, € 10 contribution
  • One Day for My Self, remember who we are and reconnect
    Reconnecting with nature, Walking Meditation and Coaching to use your mental power and liberate your playful side, 4-6 people
    Day TBC, 11-17h
  • SPECIAL NOW!!!  Weekend Retreat in the Monastery of Lluc
    Slow walking, meditation, energy work, Q&A’s, fun games to access the space beyond thinking. Time for reflection and reconnecting!
    4-8 people
    Friday-Sunday, February 3.-5.2.2017 Retreat closed, next Retreat Feb. 10-12. 2017
    Contact us if you want to join the next #MALLORCA #Tramuntana #RETREAT!!!

All knowledge is useless, until you put into practice. No more excuses!
Please get in touch to reserve your spot:


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