If my today`s thoughts are the script for tomorrow I keep on dreaming!

The truth is: I am a dreamer and some years back I thought I should change. Today I know the one thing I want to change is sticking to negative thoughts in case I do so. Dreaming is essential to visualize and create a inner picture and feeling of what makes your heart beat higher. If you can lift yourself into a good vibration you are already enjoying the goal you are dreaming of.

In Walking we use this positive dream picture of ourselves. It is easy, fun and effective to go vigorously, relaxed and balanced for one hour. It has a tremendous effect on your wellbeing as long as you stick to the enjoyment of the moment and stick to positive thoughts. It shows in your posture and vibrancy. You are strong and powerful during the Walk.

Stay tuned in. Keep on Walking!

For motivation and instruction call 310 600 5144

2 responses to “Dreaming!”

  1. Thank you!
    I like your expression ¨to inspire one´s self¨ to distinguish between the self and the mind as a tool of the self ¨for a brighter future¨.

  2. Wonderful post! Walking is a fantastic opportunity to inspire one’s self and, in addition to the healthy physical impact of the walk, create major change in the Mind for a brighter future.

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