How to exercise more

Seriously, you know that the only thing that keeps you from doing what is really good for your is your state of mind!

Hey, we are meant to use our mental capacities FOR ourselves and others, that’s the whole idea of this magnificent tool. And why is it that we tend to stand in our own way? Meditation and self-discovery is important on the path of personal development and self-realization. Then, we finally notice that our mind uses us (!!!), and not we our mind: The mind is working of programs and habits, designed to keep you safe. Habits are energy-saving. Makes sense? Your mind can automatically bring up more reasons not to workout in a split-second than you can voluntarily imagine. You are not our mind. You have a mind…

You don’t need to fool your mind. Just master it. Bring awareness into your sports-tool-kit.

1. Don’t think about it! Motivation is quickly gone, when obligation comes into play. Don’t think about it ahead of time. Any thought of
obligation kills motivation. It’s all about setting your mind and #Justdoit

2. Set appointments – get a Personal Trainer that you pay ahead of time- Learn something new. Learn to make it fun!

3. In only 3 hours you will not only feel a difference in your physical wellbeing but also the effect of a mental relaxation- Plus: your fitness level goes up significantly. Use a device monitoring your heart-rate. When you see the change in your heart rate you know your heart muscle has grown already. WOW!

4. Get a work-out buddy. Forward this post and suggest a workout-schedule for the next month.

5. Exercise outdoors when possible. Boost your hormones even more with natural daylight and fresh air pumping into your lungs!

The key is the fun factor, so get a coach to start out with who helps you overcome a “exercise-destructive” mindset 😉

Any more ideas, how to overcome the exercise saboteur within???? Please share your secrets xx

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