Personalities to Go


Dream up a good life! What stands in the way, if not our idea about it?

You know how roles in life can make us change personality – one as friend, one as a worker, one as a parent/child/sibling, one as a holiday-maker e.t.c.. Imagine the conflict inside one and the same human being switching from sweet and kind to hard-nosed and serious. In a matter of seconds, we change personality according to the role and picture we think we need to project.

Aren’t we a product of genes and education? We identify with what we have been told, is good or bad about us. We wanted to be heard, accepted, loved. We wanted to be part of, fit in. This is the comfort zone, where we feel safe. So,we identify with our stories, and really believe this is who we are, missing the proof in the pudding, the essence of our Being.

NO! We are not a product of genes and education. Each of us has a uniqueness that wants to be discovered and lived, that screams: see me, accept me, love me. If we don’t hear those screams, we get ill, depressed or bitter. There is no joy. No essence.

How can we live up to our real potential, trust ourselves (whatever that is), stop putting personality masks on to fit in? Hear Jim Carey saying: let your light shine from inside out, dare to be yourself, to take the risk to dream. You’ ll fail some time anyway, so you might as well do what you came here for, what really matters to you.

The Japanese society has developed the multiple personalities to a very high degree, both in business and intimate life. And it is linked to a huge suicide rate. Where is the fun? Where is the joy? Where is the essence? Whereas untouched tribal communities, if we still find them, have hardly any mental health issues or personality problems.

Imagine, you could just be yourself!

Stop trying. Be natural. Listen to your guts. BE YOURSELF – not your story. Without judging. Be in the moment. Stop worrying about things that won’t occur anyway. Start listening with your heart.




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