Change the impact STRESS has on you

Stress is one of the major risk factors for both physical and mental health.

Stress can have a very direct reaction on your stomach, lower back, hormones and more. Just think about the physical reaction you have when you face a scary situation. You can feel adrenaline cruising your system and get a tickling sensation in the arms or hands. Getting a tense neck or lifting the shoulders is another typical reaction. Your quality of sleep is harmed if you have a lot going on and can´t shut of your mind.

Stress is said to have a major impact on how cancers develop. HBP and cholesterol are impacted by yous stress coping capacities. The way you mentally process any situation has a direct impact on the development of the situation, how you perceive it and how well you cope.

Trying to control the people and situations around you will probably create more stress. However you can learn to be in control of how you cope, respond, react to stress.

Some of my clients used to say ….but how can I stay calm, if this idiot does the same error over and over again…. etc., etc..
Sometimes it takes a serious condition like a stroke to find out: yes, I can learn to let go and exchange the idiot for another one or teach the idiot to do better next time….

Learning ways to stay mentally calm, concentrated and positive can safe you life. It is a great idea to practice stress coping and relaxation techniques so you have them when you need them. Yaduma Walking Meditation is only one way to learn how to consciously relax and make a positive impact on your quality of life. It is a fun, easy and effective way because you combine mental relaxation with smooth physical workout, so you work from both, physical and mental, sides to great results and not only change your stress coping capacity but also produce well-feel hormones, while you burn fat and boost your circulation, metabolism and breathing. If you can manage to walk in the nature or a park you benefit of the calming colors and sounds. The more often you practice, the quicker the result. Soon, you will be able to de-stress within minutes going out there.

If you realize that you stress affects your quality of life be responsible and pro-active!

There are lots of tapes and techniques available for you to choose what suits you best. Check it out!

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You can control the way you respond to stress.

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