Does Positive Thinking really change results?

Think positive! Feel good!Whether we are talking about health, prosperity or relationships, thinking positive won’t change a thing when it comes to creating different outcomes. Why? It requires a change in personal input of some kind, such as intention, focus and actions to get to a new quality of results.

At the end of the day, a change in awareness results in a change of thinking, feeling and acting, however, just thinking or talking you into something, positive thoughts won’t do it. You won’t make the million by thinking of it, nor attract the partner you wish by just thinking.

julia, dirk, christopher,manuelaIf you don’t know how, or miss to be aware enough to choose positive rather than negative thoughts, you deprive yourself from the magical energy flow creating positive vibrations. Vibrations resonate with similar vibrations. So your positive thoughts creating positive vibrations in return resonate with positive vibrations around you. Your experience of the “outside world” has a great chance to be positive. You no longer focus on the “shit” but on the flow, beauty, magic.

Tune into a good vibrationIn other words: Thinking negative not only kills energy to act positively, it also tends to guide you towards negative situations and see the glass half empty instead of half full. Example: we have a very low Internet velocity in the bay where I live. Changing provider made it even worse. It takes 24-36 hours to get technical support. I work mostly online and on Skype and need internet. The first technician of the new provider comes, works and informs me the old provider technical support needs to come also. Instead of being totally fed up to hear it might take another 24-26 hours, I decided to stay calm, take it as it is. I call again, relaxed, do other things that don’t require internet such as writing and videos. Result: Both companies cooperate beautifully, send technicians within only a few hours, even on the weekend and got me a new solution. And if it should not work again, I will do exactly the same, stay calm and go with the flow while focusing on solutions rather than on the drama, my mind might want to create to make my experience a miserable one rather taking it as it is and making the very best of the situation.

I like to apply images to really grasp that, what so far is nothing but another mental concept: Here is the image: Imagine, waking up in the morning and today, for a change, you notice how your thoughts run into the day and try to keep you busy focusing on potential problems, duties, “have to’s” etc.. That day, for a change you allow yourself to interrupt the early morning thought process and hang out a little longer in bed, with the intention to tune into a positive vibration. How? Maybe you focus on just feeling your heart beat or you remember a very joyful, successful, pleasant situation in the past and recover this feeling in the present moment. And whenever a thought tries to distract you from that joy, you allow yourself to gently put it aside, knowing, that your present positive vibration is the most important thing for you to live a happy, healthy and abundant life. It is about allowing yourself to FEEL GOOD rather than try to “fix” everything by thinking obsessively.

With that awareness, you go into the day differently, as if you run the system with a new program that works with flow, energy and joy instead of fear-based, self-induced stress and limitations. That day, you might do exactly the same as other days, and yet, there is a chance, that you experience that day in a state of ease and grace and feel good just like that.

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