Coaching Session to Stop Smoking

If you speak Spanish and want to get rid of a habit such as smoking you might check this video out: Smoking is just the consequence of something inside that is out of balance. It serves as a bandaid in certain moments just as moments of nervousness, fear, anger, social situations. Becoming aware of that mechanism in that very moment is essential in order to an able yourself to let go of using the bandaid. Instead, use those moments of discomfort or social pressure to listen inside and ALLOW the emotion to be. Having the guts to do this regularly, you free yourself from the pressure that builds up and slowly or immediately can let go of the unwanted habit. This is just a 10 minute sample session,  my friend Film Director and audiovisual Coach  Jesus de Frutos asked me to do in order to film and show how Coaching may work. We knew from last year when he contacted me to loose 20 kilos and we did just 3 sessions of Walking Coaching, no follow-ups.  He lost 15 so far.  Best case, you would book recall sessions to check-in and make sure, you have support when you need it. He did not. Turns out that he stopped smoking for 2 weeks after the 10min sample session and now only smokes very occasionally. If you are interested in changing some unwanted habit, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation and start your own change today. Life is your piece of art and wants to be lived joyfully. Hug, Manuela
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