You think of yourself as courageous or rather fearful, timid, conservative or crazy? Well, that’s what you think then. If some famous scientists told you, you are not your personality, what would you say?

If you are not your personality, then what are you?

If you are successful in many areas of life except one or the other way around, then what do you conclude?

If you decide to let the world change according to what you think is helpful, then what?

I have been a keen investigator of how our thinking and feeling impacts our level of contentment for a reason: I suffered. Turns out that discomfort energises to make new decisions, such as stepping out of the comfort zone, facing what you really think, how you really feel and literally “moving your ass” or looking for support.

Do you really want to change your own “programming”, free yourself from useless habits and have more ease and fun in life? It is possible that you are already perfect and just not aware of it – stuck in useless habitual thinking, emotional reactions and other habits – a perfectly normal consequence of our abnormal “modern” social conditioning.

I accompany people on the path from identifying with their personality and habits to fearlessly exploring their inner world and making new decisions. It’s gonna be fun, liberates stuckness and allows you to make friend with all of you. Let’s go!

Forgot to mention: this approach requires not just soaking up new information, but thinking critically, feeling consciously and moving purposely. – not literally- get naked and you don’t need me for the process. You can start exploring today!

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