Re-organizing our mismanaged Energy!

If only that mind would be quiet. Then, I could relax! You know that one? A hundred things in the mind and all for a good reason. “I have too….”, “I need to remember….”, “I must make sure…” – a never ending story. That´s how I burnt-out and produced a cancer in the body 15 years ago. Since the world goes round and round and new tasks, issues and problems come and go all the time, we can´t hope for the day that things would stop, so we could relax. It wouldn´t be that much fun either, would it?!

The “monkey mind” seems to be always busy: thinking, planning, pondering, looking back, looking forward, judging, comparing, wanting, not wanting, etc. . Then, there are practices like yoga, meditation and all the techniques to calm down and listen inside. But what happens after the practise? Back in every day life? Does the practice leave an imprint once back in the daily routine?

Where our mind is, is where our energy is! It makes sense to practice to focus and become more conscious.

As soon as we stop practising regularly what we have learned we seem to quickly lose that deep connection to our inner world. Stepping aside and looking at the situation from a distance, we must admit: that´s ridiculous! Seriously, how could I not have even 5 or 10 minutes a day to to check-in with myself before hitting the road into everyday´s business???

In order to discover, discipline and exercise that “relaxation muscle” more profoundly, in a way that you can´t neglect any longer, that you do know how to relax, we host a 5 Day Retreat in the center of beautiful Mallorca October 26.-30, 2016. In the middle of orange and lemon trees, fields, views to the mountains and a little lake, we will be experimenting with Chikung, Aikido, Walking Meditation, music and more. The Retreat Center Casa Iemanja has been offering a great deal to make this experience possible for many, in English and Spanish language.

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