Personal Freedom via the Subconscious

Remember Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Get Rich”, or Murphy’s Power of the Subconscious. T. Harv Eker continued with his Millionaire’s Mind books and programs. Many authors have been writing about the amazing capacities of the subconscious.  Coaches such as Tony Robbins talk about it and use techniques such as Neurolinguistic Programming to overwrite programs that don’t suit us. Which is done simply choosing positive ideas replacing old negative ones. It´s that easy! The other day Anthony and I were talking about some unpleasant topic. I like to make everything an experiment. Knowing that the subconscious takes everything on without questioning whether it suits me or not, I went to bed right afterwards with the intention to remember my dreams. Turns out, I dreamt a whole lot of negative things that night. No big deal, just a dream. Like a movie. It was just a very direct example of how the subconscious works. Most important: waking up in the morning, don´t take that negative stuff as a fact! It is just a dream, a thought, coming with emotions. Now, AWAKE, I can choose what I want to see in the world with the help of my huge power of the subconscious. Most days, I have the freedom to stay a little longer in bed. This time, I use to decide what I want. I don´t get up with negative thoughts running around. I consciously choose what to focus on. Example: “Oh no, it´s cloudy” I change to “I am free to experience something new during this weather today”. Or just anything that is rather empowering than putting yourself down. That´s all. It doesn´t need to be logical nor scientifically proven. The subconscious works with whatever you put in there.

It is all about the power of the subconscious mind. That part of our mind we don’t access with thinking. That part that has been programmed in the past by others, not yourself, through education and upbringing. The picture of the iceberg: what you see on the surface (conscious thinking) is just the top, the real big mountain of information is unseen (subconscious).

With the subconscious as our ally, we do have access to our human capacity to change ourselves! The big question is who changes who??? Or: who is me and who is myself? Or: what is changing what? Without getting too philosophical I phrase it like this: my essence can change my physical, mental and emotional habits, the way I habitually think, feel and act. The real big question is, how access that part of ourselves that I call “the essence” or “my spark”???

The answer is to train your mind, focus one’s mind for a period of time, either in silence or with the aid of sounds. This has a very relaxing effect, energy is freed. It has a positive impact on the physical body and on emotional balance, since we learn to use our mind or mental power instead of ironically identifying with it or even being terrorised or sabotaged by it.

Take a habit: driving the car. After done x hundred of hours we no longer think about when to push the clutch, when to change gears, wether to first break and then push the clutch or vice versa. It became a habit. A lot of space and energy in the thinking mind is now free to use for other thoughts, to focus on something else. That´s how habits work. Once repeated x amount of times, you no longer need to think about it.

As everything has two sides to it, so does this: if we become unaware, our mind goes just anywhere. We need to keep training to direct the mind in order to use it´s capacity. Just like any other muscle: it needs to be trained in order to be effective.

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