How to reach overall Wellbeing?

Feeling stuck in a situation, lacking motivation or energy and just not quite at ease?

Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly might not necessarily get you to the wellbeing you wish for yourself. Some people follow a pretty good diet and exercise routine and still suffer from physical or mental problems, stress, weight or chronic issues. We all know people with success in business but high risk for heart disease – in good shape but unhappy or depressed – spiritually well connected but physically unfit.

What is the secret? Every person is a unique sophisticated system of a physical body, an incredible mind, emotions as well as some kind of “spiritual spark” within a bigger system.

Meeting needs:  Are you aware of your needs for eating, drinking, sleeping, love, sex, exercise, creativity, meaning, learning and so on? Personal needs and values change with time and want to be addressed accordingly. Have we learned to be aware and take care of our complex individual changing needs? The value of friendship, affection and meaning in life is probably underestimated. Lack on one side brings along imbalance on another. A physical problem has an impact on mental or emotional life. A continuously stressed person is more prone to cancer, heart disease and psychosomatic diseases. You can’t separate the mind from the body.

Balance: Not too much, not to little and yet enough of each. Balance can be trained, both as a physical exercise and as mental relaxation and awareness technique. Walking Meditation is an excellent tool to get balanced.

Moderation and Consistency: Meeting every need in moderation on the long term is essential. Excess can be life threatening, more is not necessarily better, a deficiency can be harmful, a 6week hard-core diet or exercise regime does not change poor habits throughout the year.

Out-of-the-Box: Your analytical mind can only refer to the information you have been exposed to so far. What you don’t know, you don’t know and right there might be the solution. Whether a new sport, alternative therapies, energy healers or mental coaching, different thoughts or ideas that help you explore old negative beliefs and overcome unfortunate mechanical habits.

Once thing is clear: It is your responsibility to find out if you need to change your profession or just your attitude, an operation or a therapist, a vacation or a long chat with a friend. Discover new possibilities that enrich your life and make it an interesting, joyous exploration to the wellbeing you deserve, not another “have to”!!!

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