Reconnecting in and with Nature

Coming back from a  hike behind the house in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, I feel totally in peace and very much appreciate the pleasure of walking on the Tahoe Rim Trail – very close to God!

When I first discovered the benefit of physical and mental wellness during Walking Exercise  in 1992 I had no clue how  significant this simple exercise could be for so many people I accompanied later on their change towards a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Studying Physical Fitness at Cooper Clinic for Aerobics Research I got the scientific explanation how you can make a major change to your overall wellbeing by simply introducing a regular Walking habit: the aerobic workout lets you burn extra fat reserves without hurting your joints, you get a strong,  healthy heart since this heart muscle is being exercised regularly, you also get a healthy blood pressure and good blood chemistry, e.g. a healthy cholesterol.  Realizing how stress , respectively the way how we cope with stress defines  how  prone we are to dis-ease and understanding the direct impact on how your body chemistry reacts to stress by producing stress hormones gave me the opportunity to not only solve my stress issues but show my Walking clients how to change the way of dealing with stress.

As a result of more training with my Indian Swami, Hypnosis and Alternative Healing techniques  I developed a simple technique of easy steps how to use your mind the way to choose to – a Meditation technique for Western minds: Yaduma Walking Meditation. Anybody suffering from stress-related problems can learn to become the master of their mind by simply Walking in the nature, training a few simple steps that are easy, fun and effective. The moment the mind relaxes, you find inner peace, tranquility and the door to a creativity that is way bigger than your pure thinking capacity.

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