Power of Forgiveness and Love

3 years from today my stepson left his body at age 27 – a shocking inconceivable tragedy. Inner and outer BeautyGrief, suffering and never ending tears.

To me, my stepson is still present in a different way. Sometimes I think of him, sometimes I dream of him, beautiful as ever, sometimes I feel very close heart-wise to him. Forgiving whatever caused him leaving the body, helped me renounce suffering and be love again, even when I cry. It is all about love. It is ok to cry. Love our main duty on earth. That’s what I learned. LOVE YOU!!!

Some people do not belief in some kind of power that is bigger than themselves (some call it Chi or God…). They think a person in a body is the highest entity existing. For me mind and body is not all that defines “one”. There is a higher energy we are part of, a miraculous, weird energy that comes from somewhere into mind and body, enabling us to dream, learn, be creative, change our physical and mental being and love.

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