Business Development: Treat the Cause, not the Effect

Let’s take an easy example: weight management. Forcefully removing extra weight by aggressive exercise and strictly denying yourself the pleasures of eating is both unhealthy and unnatural. It is a common misconception that deprivation of food would reduce body mass. Some fat people eat very little and still remain fat. The problem lies in the hormonal disfunction. Metabolism depends on enough hormones to break down food. Thin people break down their food so much that don’t build up mass. Chinese medicine refers to yin-yang disharmony.

Translating this into business means, we need to work on the cause  or the root of the problem, e.g. nurturing employee’s potentials, not just on the effect, e.g. to push sales by demanding sales figures from the sales department.

Nurturing human potential will strengthen the root of the company. How is that? Training open communication, teaching leaders to show that they value employees, practicing relaxation techniques  along with creativity tools reinforces not only the employee’s potential and productivity, but also his contentment, health, alignment with the company culture and commitment.

In fast-growing companies, training is thought to be impossible due to poor time management or unnecessary due to extensive demand…. until employees get frustrated or sick of it all and leave as soon as there is better job-offer on the market.

In well-established companies, training and innovation sounds like a threat to many, both leaders and employees due to a lack of awareness leading to fear and avoid change…until competition takes over.

In start-ups the awareness to  nurture and grow HR potential seems to mark the longevity of the company.

At Yaduma, training and business development focuses on establishing a company culture that serves as a safe, transparent environment to be in harmony with who we are and who we constantly become, when exploring our potentials.

Humans have the need to grow and expand, so do companies.

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Published by Manuela Stoerzer

Essentially Fun, Personal Development Coach, Published Author, Model, Actress, Improv Artist

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