Manager-Training: Polishing the Diamond

The times when the More, the Harder, the Better was state-of-the-art is over. Our culture is shaping itself into a new direction: We crave more quality of life, not just more quantity. In business, the natural selection results in companies who care. Those survive  longterm.

While some stick to the old rules, they pay for high sick-leaves and fluctuation due to burnout and disease. Trying to compensate the gap of missing understanding, lack of trust and appreciation, they hire Motivational Trainers to make the wheel go around again and again, each time a little harder.

Super-successful entrepreneurs know, that business is a joint venture and it takes a strong, healthy, content team to tango in the world market. Dangling a carrot in front of the nose is a temporary solution. Longterm, no money can pay for healthy, happy and confident employees who give their very best – not out of fear to lose their job – but out of ethics. It does feel good to do good and bring your best into the play!

How can you cultivate such an environment?

Appreciation starts with oneself. When CEO’s book trainers and don’t participate neither in the evaluation of the status quo, nor in the process of change, there is a good chance, that they keep lacking exactly that appreciation, that the employees need to feel in order to thrive. To be a good leader, we need to learn to lead ourselves first. And making good choices is not equal to “functioning well”. It takes much more.

“Polishing the diamond” is a constant process of self-actualization:
– clean out old, dusty, left-over habits and believes that don’t really suit anybody any longer
– introduce new habits of being present, compassionate, authentic, healthy and truthful
– dare to feel and talk the truth in a balanced and relaxed way
– do yourself some good (what is really good!)
– dare to share your gifts, no need to hold back, no need to impress, be yourself!

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