Higher Perspective in Black Clouds and Challenging Waves

Strategy: Mountain and Sea view change

Sea view is the close-up picture when you are right in the waves, covered by clouds in midst of the storm, conflict, drama. Conflicting concepts, ideas, priorities, egos arguing to be right and getting their way. Sea-view is important to look deep and close. Get a picture of what is going on in here.

Yet, if you don’t switch to a wider perspective eventually, you risk to get stuck in fighting for a very limited idea, or wanting to be right, instead of looking to do the right thing. When you realize some kind of suffering in form of anger, frustration, lack of joy, lack of peace, lack of energy, it is a good moment to take a minute and change perspective!

Mountain view is the panorama-view from further away to get an overview of the whole situation and the systems that contribute and are involved in the situation. It is important to switch between the mountain and sea view regularly to get details from different angles (your own, other people, partner, employees, executives) and still keep the big picture in mind, and remember, what it is all for in the first place.

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Happy Monday and Enjoy the variety of Views 🙂

Manuela & Anthony


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